Israel bitch slap the USA in public and AIPAC tells the US gov to stfu

American taxpayers have given more than $1 trillion to Israel in economic and military aid. And what does the U.S. receive in return? A bitch slap in your face, in public, and then told to by AIPAC to shut the fuck up.

In Washington, the influential pro-Israel lobbying group, AIPAC, weighed in with a statement that called on the White House to take immediate steps to defuse tension with Israel. – Yahoo News / Reuters

To clearify the statement: AIPAC tells the U.S. government to stop criticizing Israel’s illegal construction of settlements on occupied territories, because the criticism is anti-semitic and it makes Israel look bad.

JERUSALEM (AFP) – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear on Monday settlement building in east Jerusalem would continue, in a move likely to further heighten tensions with key ally the United States.

”Construction will continue in Jerusalem as this has been the case over the past 42 years,” Netanyahu told members of his Likud party.”  – Yahoo News / AFP

This has been their agenda all long. Israelie has never been interested in a fair peace deal. Their agenda has always been to confiscate more land to build more settlements on, and to ethnically cleanse Palestine from Arabs, and to wipe Palestine off the map.

It is time to give Israel an ultimatum. Withdraw to 1967 borders within 3 months. If they fail to comply it is time to use military force and force them to withdraw.

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