10 anledningar att attackera Iran

Jag gör ett litet undantag och postar ett ironiskt stycke text som jag hittade på nätet:

  1. Iran has threatened to fight back if attacked, and that’s a war crime. War crimes must be punished.
  2. My television says Iran has nukes. I’m sure it’s true this time. Just like with North Korea. I’m sure they’re next. We only bomb places that really truly have nukes and are in the Axis of Evil. Except Iraq, which was different.
  3. Iraq didn’t go so badly. Considering how lousy its government is, the place is better off with so many people having left or died. Really, that one couldn’t have worked out better if we’d planned it.
  4. When we threaten to cut off Iran’s oil, Iran threatens to cut off Iran’s oil, which is absolutely intolerable. What would we do without that oil? And what good is buying it if they want to sell it?
  5. Iran was secretly behind 9-11. I read it online. And if it wasn’t, that’s worse. Iran hasn’t attacked another nation in centuries, which means its next attack is guaranteed to be coming very soon.
  6. Iranians are religious nuts, unlike Israelis and Americans. Most Israelis don’t want to attack Iran, but the Holy Israeli government does. To oppose that decision would be to sin against God.
  7. Iranians are so stupid that when we murder their scientists they try to hire a car dealer in Texas to hire a drug gang in Mexico to murder a Saudi ambassador in Washington, and then they don’t do it — just to make us look bad for catching them.
  8. War is good for the U.S. economy, and the Iranian economy too. Troops stationed in Iran would buy stuff. And women who survived the war would have more rights. Like in Virginia. We owe Iranians this after that little mishap in 1953.
  9. This is the only way to unite the region. Either we bomb Iran and it swears its eternal love to us. Or, if necessary, we occupy Iran to liberate it like its neighbors. Which shouldn’t take long. Look how well Afghanistan is going already.
  10. They won’t give our drone back. Enough said.

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3 reaktioner på ”10 anledningar att attackera Iran

  1. Det Euro-Amerikanska folkmordet i Mellanasien med igång sättande av Irak-Iran kriget kräver fortfarande många liv.
    Att folket i de s.k. civiliserade världen efter decennier av aggression blundar och nöjer sig att skrika ut sin vrede för skydd av djur o regnskog, är en psykologisk dilemma som drabbar det Euro-Amerikanska folket stort lidande.
    De två krigsdrabbade nationerna har insett det tragiska att de kärnvapen bestyckade nationerna vill avliva ännu mer miljoner människoliv för att behålla sin militära grepp över folket.
    De vaknade nationerna kommer att leda de rättakämpande massan mot nya ide och lösningar.
    Marknads liberalismens fall som den Kommunistiska eran syns i horisonten.

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